On which side to wear crystals and bracelets?

Every person has male and female energies — female energy is calm, smooth, volatile, cold - Yin.

Male energy is active, bright, creative, creating and destroying - Yang.

The balance of these energies is individual to each person.

In the right side of the body, energy flows, characteristic of the male energy, in the left - for the female.

If you wear the corresponding crystal on the left side of your body, it will stimulate Yin - the perceiving, emotional, listening part of yourself. The stone on the right side will activate powerful energy, self-confidence, concentration, ability to achieve goals, responsibility.

With the help of crystals, you can develop hidden abilities.

For example, if you want to feel the essence of something, study the material, remember the information, then wear a crystal on the left side. If you need to be active or bring your point of view, then wear it on the right. When you need to learn and memorize something, hold the crystal in your left hand.

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