Cleaning and charging

How do I clear the stones?

Each stone has its energy field, the state of which depends on many factors. In the process of mining, processing, and processing of the mineral before it comes to me, it impresses many emotions and energy seals of those who interact with it.

And, the real energy of the stone gets a little tired, its impact on you will not be so active.

That is why all the stones are sequentially cleaned in two stages.

  1. The Pacific Ocean. What could be better? The salty water of the Pacific Ocean takes away energy stratifications, fills the stones with its power.
  2. Energy Cleansing. I clean rocks with the help of Reiki energy, returning them their natural properties.


How and why do I charge jewelry?

I create beautiful bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and pendants. But, they are not only beautiful, but also carry great benefits to their owners.

The stones in each product are selected to solve specific problems in a person’s life. The energies of stones unite and complement each other, enhancing each other’s magical and healing properties.

I charge the jewelry with the help of Reiki energy to enhance the magic power of the stones specifically for the person who bought this piece of jewelry.