Each crystal responds to specific vibration indicators, comparable to the particular vibration chakras indicators of a harmonious person. And, that may be the benchmark.

A crystal keeps its vibrations invariably, and a person can lose the vibration frequency in different life situations. The crystals meet all the parameters of Sacred Geometry and the Golden Section rule. Do you know that if the physical body is closer to the ideal of the Golden Section, that it is more beautiful and healthier?

The crystal has high energy consumption and can be used for a long time, for your whole life. Crystals are able to cooperate with every person. You can teach them how.

This is the live kingdom of minerals. The crystals are related to the physical body because they consist of the same elements of the periodic table.

Crystals have a stable aura. Time flows more slowly in the crystals, so they rejuvenate.

Everything on the planet exchanges energy. The energy of the crystal flows into the body and activates the lost vibrations.

The stones of choice can be quartz — the most accessible and numerous family of stones and crystals on Earth.